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World Metro Map

World Metro Map

Here is my interpretation of a World Metro Map, with cities around the world linked in the style of a metro system map. The design leans more towards the realistic style (New York Subway Map) rather than schematic style (London Underground Map). I felt this makes it visually appealing yet still easily recognizable.

The downside of taking the more realistic approach was evident in the dense area of Europe. It was difficult to choose the cities for this region due to the limited space available. Whilst some locations didn’t make it to the finished artwork, I feel that the major historic cities of Europe are well represented.

Available for sale!

I’ve made this artwork available for sale on a number of specialized art sites, including,, and

It’s available in a wide range of formats, such as stretched ready-to-hang canvas, rolled canvas, fine art print or simple poster. All in a wide variety of sizes and prices. They all dispatch worldwide, although zazzle has country specific websites and redbubble is UK based. The other two are US based. They all offer a variety of different formats.

Here are the direct links to this artwork on those sites…

A detailed look

You can see a larger view of this artwork on here on flickr

Below are some close-up detail views of the World Metro Map Artwork.